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Volleyball Rules

At any time, feel free to view our Sand Volleyball rules & reminders.  You can also print this out and give to your teammates!

Sinnott’s Sand Bar

Volleyball Coed 6x6 General Rules


*All players need to be at least 21 to play and you need at least 4 team members to begin play


*50% of players on the court must be female and all players must rotate positions


*Best of three 3 sets per match within 1 hour time frame. Rally scoring to 21 for first two games and third game to 15 as a tie breaker, if needed.


*If the ball is hit more than one time before going over the net, a female must have come in contact and hit the ball at least once. A block does not count as one of your three hits.


*Three consecutive overhand serves allowed then one underhand serve before returning to overhand- no jump serves.


*No blocking or spiking serves, if the ball hits a boundary line it is considered in, contact with the net at any time or going under the net is not allowed, nor obvious lifts or grasping/throwing ball over net. Serves that hit the net are still playable.


*Being an honorable team is calling your own faults fairly and using responsible spiking as well as good sportsmanship.


*This is a recreational volleyball league, we are here to have fun so if there are any disputes just replay the point. Teams causing fights will be asked to leave the league with no refund.





  1. No outside food, drinks, or pets are to be brought inside the bar, patio, or volleyball court area. All items must be purchased at the bar and state law prohibits any glass containers outside. Any team caught bringing in alcohol will be asked to leave.


  1. No alcoholic beverages can leave the premises at any time


  1. Kids are not to be inside the bar unsupervised, or are allowed to play with the water cups or hoses. For safety of our players and children please keep kids safely away from the courts and do not allow them to dig large holes in the sand or hang on the nets and walk on the walls.  


  1. We have a feet-washing station for our players use, please do not use our bathroom sinks to wash feet off.


  1. As we try to keep our patio and courts clean for you please help us out by using our trashcans and ashtray buckets located by each court and on the patio.


  1. You are responsible for reporting your scores at the end of the bar after your match is complete. Must report how many wins your team had. The third game only counts as a win if used as a tiebreaker. These scores are used to bracket you in the end of session league tournament. Unreported scores will not be accepted after midnight the day of your games played.




Full league payment is due on the first week of play. Teams will not be allowed to continue play without all league fees paid.  ***We are no longer accepting individual payments from team members. The league fees must be made in one lump sum by the team captain.  Captains are responsible for collecting the league fees from their players. If payments are not made the captains will be held responsible for paying the remainder of the fees and your team may be dropped from the league.

Since your league time and day does not change no pre-set court assignment or opponent schedule will be sent out. When you come to play, who you will be playing and what court you will be on will be posted at the bar. We post two schedules; one on the window out on the patio, and one at the end of the bar where you will also report your scores at the end of the night. The main thing to remember is that you will play the same day and time every week except the last week will be tournament play, this is the only night that your playing time might change.  Any holidays the bar is closed and no leagues will be played and your tournament start time will be emailed out to team captains.


Each team is responsible for writing their scores on the sheet provided at the end of the bar.  Weekly scores will be used to place your team in the seeded, end of session tournament. If scores are not reported nightly, a zero will be put in for that week. If scores are forgotten, you may call in before midnight the night of you play and report them to the staff.  Scores will not be recorded after midnight.


On the final week of the session every team that plays that night will be bracketed into a seeded tournament.. All tournaments will be single elimination. Depending on the number of teams in the tournament will determine how many points to play to, the third game will only be played if needed, and there will be no longer than 5 minute breaks between sets and matches. If for any reason your team can’t or does not want to play in the tournament please let us know ahead of time. Teams will be given 15 minutes from the start of the tournament to begin play. If teams are not there within the 15 minutes they will forfeit the game. There will be prizes given to the winners of each tournament. All of the coed 6x6 rules will be used in the tournament. Brackets for the tournaments will not be given out ahead of time, so all teams need to be there at the start of the tournament. Teams can’t request to be placed in certain rounds due to a time preference.  Also for tournaments you may not have any substitutes that have not played in at least three of your regular season games. You may not have more than two subs on the day of your tournament.


We will do our best to call the games due to weather at least an hour before they start. We will post cancellations on our weather hotline 402-502-7093. If the hotline has not been updated then GAMES HAVE NOT BEEN CANCELLED! If games have begun and the weather has changed, we may have a short delay to wait out weather before cancelling for lightning and any severe weather. We play rain or shine and will only cancel for extreme weather conditions.

 Rain Outs

Rain out nights will not be rescheduled. If in the final week the tournament gets rained out, it will not be rescheduled.  No refunds will be given if any of your league nights gets rained out. Teams may choose to make up their own games on their own time if courts are available.


Attached is the waiver form that everyone on your team (including subs) needs to sign. You can print it off and have everyone sign it ahead of time and bring it on the first night or I will have a copy for you to have your team sign that night. If your team played in the spring you do not have to sign a new waiver. If you have some new players, you will need to have them sign the waiver.


If your team can’t make it on your scheduled night it will be considered a forfeit. If your team is not there within 15 minutes of your scheduled start time in league or tournament it will also be considered a forfeit. Teams with two consecutive forfeits will be dropped from the league with no refund.


If a substitute player is needed they must have signed your team waiver. There is no limit to the number of subs or how many times you use a sub. However, for tournament, if a substitute player(s) are needed, they are only allowed to play if they have subbed on your team at least THREE times during the session. You may not have more than two substitutes for your tournament night.


Since we are not in control of weather or what day a holiday lands on, you will not always be guaranteed   all weeks of play. Please do not assume that if games are cancelled due to weather or holidays that they will automatically be rescheduled or that you will get a refund.  Once league play has begun there are absolutely no refunds. Deposits are also non-refundable but can be transferred to another time slot/session if the change is made at least 7 days before of the start of the session. A transfer of your deposit must be used within the same year.


Click Here For Printable Rules and Reminders 



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